Community Counseling Center is a private non-profit agency. Certified by Ohio MHAS (Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services)and accredited by CARF International.


Mental health services were first made available via a public sector organization to residents of Ashtabula County in 1961 under the auspices of the Mental Health Clinic. This was prior to the national community mental health movement of president John Kennedy and prior to the creation in Ohio of the separate county mental health board system. Originally a small office with only a part-time psychiatrist and a half-time secretary , the early Clinic primarily provided medication to patients discharged from state psychiatric hospitals. Eventually, social workers, psychologists and other care givers were added to diversify and broaden the publicly funded mental health care provided within the community.

A companion provider during this time, the Family Services Agency, offered outpatient counseling services. Both providers grew with the passage of time and especially with the increasing demands and opportunities for services precipitated by the de-institutionalization of state psychiatric hospitals.

In 1986 these sister agencies merged to form the current Community Counseling Center. Community Counseling Center has grown into a multi-purpose Corporation of diverse service components, whose mission is "to promote or restore psychological, emotional, and behavioral well-being to Ashtabula County residents". As a community organization, we have grown through the commitments to de-institutionalization, the introductions of brief therapies and community psychiatric supportive treatment, the advent of the roles of Designated Agency and Chief Clinical Officer, the proliferation of available psychiatric medications, and merger, expansion, and contraction.

Now in its fifth decade, Community Counseling Center continues to strive to provide appropriate mental health services to Ashtabula county residents no matter what their nature of need. Lacking the resource to "be all things to all persons" we target our efforts to provide maximal benefit to the largest number while attending to the evolving priorities and policies of the larger mental health system. Through it all we have treated the mental health needs of the community with expertise, devotion, and adaptation, and impeccable fiscal accountability.

Community Counseling Center is especially proud of its commitment to quality of service. We are certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health, and Addiction Services Board. And we have received national recognition for the quality of our services through accreditation by CARF International.

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