Community Counseling Center

Policy on Client Rights


It shall be the policy of Community Counseling Center to afford all clients the full spectrum of rights as recipients of our services, to provide all clients with process by which to address any grievance, and to thoroughly report and investigate any allegation of abuse or neglect.


  1. Each client shall be provided the attached statement of client rights and client grievance procedure at the time of their admission to the Corporation.
  2. Each employee shall be provided a copy of the attached statement of rights and client grievance procedure at the time of their hire.
  3. The Corporation will periodically hold staff training in matters of client rights.
  4. Allegations of abuse and neglect are to be reported and will be investigated by the Corporation Client Rights Officer in a manner consistent with the Corporation’s Client Grievance Procedure.
    1. Reporting is the responsibility of all Corporation staff and volunteers.
    2. The Executive Director is to be promptly notified of all allegation of abuse and neglect and will review the written results of the Client Rights Officer’s investigation. The Executive Director will notify the MHRS Board of allegations and the results of investigation, and will notify the Personnel committee of the (Corporation) board.
    3. Where required by law the Executive Director, or designee, will report allegations of abuse and neglect to appropriate authorities such as the local police, sheriff, or Children’s Services Board. Investigations by these authorities may preempt an internal investigation.
    4. Any staff member found to have been guilty of abuse or neglect or to have been witness to such abuse and neglect and failed to have reported it to the Client Rights Officer or Executive Director will be subject to possible disciplinary action by the Corporation. This may consist of dismissal, suspension without pay, or written reprimand depending upon the gravity of the offense. When appropriate, the offence may also be reported to the staff person’s professional licensing authority. Record of confirmed abuse or neglect will be entered into the staff person’s personnel file for permanent retention.
    5. The Client Right’s Officer will train each new staff in Client Rights and Client Grievance Procedure, and in recognition and reporting of abuse and neglect. A copy of these policy and procedures will be presented to each Corporation employee and volunteer.