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Counseling provides an opportunity to engage in a therapeutic relationship that is individualized and designed around the client’s strengths, needs and preferences.


The outpatient counseling program provides diagnostic and treatment services that are goal-oriented and include individualized treatment plans.  

Services are provided by staff with master's degrees who are trained and experienced in mental health.  Therapists meet or exceed standards of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and are licensed and/or supervised by an independently licensed mental health professional.

  • ADULTS: Therapists provide confidential counseling to individuals who are having difficulty coping with stress and/or experiencing emotional disturbance.  Therapists help people to understand themselves better, work through emotional distress, and improve interpersonal relationships.  Family members may be included in treatment.

  • CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS: Therapists help kids to work through emotional disturbances and successfully complete developmental stages of life.  Family members are often included in a child’s treatment.  Therapists utilize a variety of strategies to assist children in achieving optimal wellness and functioning, including behavioral interventions and play therapy

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