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Guides and supports adults living with serious mental health conditions and substance use disorders to find and keep jobs; and can include helping explore educational or training opportunities.

SE/IPS is an evidence-based practice that helps adults who are recovering from mental illness to explore and succeed at work as part of their mental health recovery. This population of adults may also be at risk of inpatient hospitalization, be involved with the criminal justice system or have a criminal history, possess a co-existing mental health and drug/alcohol diagnosis, or be a young adult transitioning from the juvenile to the adult system and requires support to successfully enter into the world of work. Evidence shows that people with mental illness are more likely to find jobs sooner and keeps jobs longer, as well as work more hours and make more money, if helped by a supported employment program.

  • This research-based approach operates on a “zero exclusion” policy, meaning a person only needs to have an expressed desire to work, regardless of other variables, such as experiencing active symptoms of their illness, active use of alcohol or other drugs, or having a criminal history.
  • Employment specialists will help clients look for and obtain competitive jobs in their communities; jobs that any qualified person can apply for and that pay at least minimum wage.
  • SE/IPS services are individualized and can include some or all of the following, depending upon need and preference: job seeking skills training (education and development of job applications, resumes, and interview skills), job search and placement assistance, on-site job coaching, job retention support, and benefits planning.
  • Employment specialists and clients begin connecting with employers for job search within 2-3 weeks from the onset of employment services, provided that is the pace the client chooses. Employment specialists work with clients at the speed they desire and are most comfortable.
  • Employment specialists assist clients in finding jobs that match their interests. Jobs are identified not by a list of job openings, but rather are tailored according to each client’s stated preferences, strengths, skills, and personal job interests.
  • SE/IPS research indicates that clients who are working and receiving support through SE/IPS experience reduced mental health symptoms, reduced alcohol or other drug use, reduced hospitalizations, reduced criminal offending, and improved self-esteem and improved independence.

For more information about SE/IPS services at Community Counseling Center, see the attached program brochure.

For information to employers regarding the benefits of becoming involved with the SE/IPS program and staff at Community Counseling Center, see the attached rack card.

For more information about the evidence-based practice of supported employment/individual placement and support (SE/IPS), go to the IPS Employment Center at or the Center for Evidence-Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University at

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