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Engaging the community in recovery

Welcome to Community Counseling Center

Our mission is simple. Community Counseling Center is a non-profit behavioral health provider focused on engaging the community in recovery.


Mental health services were first made available via a public sector organization to residents of Ashtabula County in 1961 under the auspices of the Mental Health Clinic. This was prior to President John F. Kennedy’s national community mental health movement, and prior to the creation in Ohio of the separate county mental health board system. Originally a small office with only a part-time psychiatrist and a half-time secretary, the early Mental Health Clinic primarily provided medication to patients discharged from state psychiatric hospitals. Eventually, social workers, psychologists and other care givers were added to diversify and broaden the publicly funded mental health care provided within the community.  The Mental Health Clinic of Ashtabula County was officially recognized as a private, non-profit organization on July 28, 1964.

A companion provider to the Mental Health Clinic during this era, the Family Services Agency, offered outpatient counseling services. Both providers grew with the passage of time, due to the increasing demands and opportunities for services precipitated by the de-institutionalization of state psychiatric hospitals.

In 1986 these sister agencies merged to form the current Community Counseling Center. Since that time, Community Counseling Center has grown into a multi-purpose corporation of diverse service components, whose mission is to “engage the community in recovery".  As a community organization, CCC has grown through the commitment to de-institutionalization, the introduction of brief therapies and evidence-based practices, community psychiatric supportive treatment, the proliferation of available psychiatric medications, and merger, expansion, and contraction.

Now well into its sixth decade, Community Counseling Center continues to strive to provide quality, cost-effective, and comprehensive behavioral health services to the residents of Ashtabula County and beyond.  Programming is targeted in order to provide maximal benefit to the largest number while attending to the evolving priorities and policies of the larger behavioral health system. Through it all, the agency has treated the behavioral health needs of this community with expertise, devotion, adaptation, and fiscal accountability.

Community Counseling Center is especially proud of its commitment to continuous quality improvement and adherence to compliance standards. The agency is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (Ohio MHAS), and is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  The agency will remain devoted to these high standards as it looks to continue to grow along with the needs of the community.

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